We asked barangay leaders: “What are your fundraising activities this holiday season, and where will you use the proceeds of these projects?”
For our fundraising activity this coming Christmas, we are thinking of conducting a “Mobile Legends Tournament” which is very popular among the youth everywhere. We will also hold a darts competition because it is the most common pastime among male adults here in the barangay. We will also have “Zumbaranggay” for mothers.

Fees and donations that we will be able to collect will be used for our feeding programs and gift giving for the less fortunate residents of our barangay. We have been doing these for years so we are sure that many will participate.
Joseph “Jon” Lara, Barangay Kagawad
Barangay 155, Zone 14, District 2, Manila City

Barangay Tanza will hold a fundraising activity called “Kumusta-Young Once” Navo Youth Sports Festival. We want to promote youth engagement through a one-day basketball and volleyball tournament.
The program will require every group to donate 50 plastic bottles and one thousand pesos to participate.

Also, part of this activity is what we call “Navo the Fish, Navo Loves Plastic, Please Feed Him,” where we will put all the collected plastic bottles. The bottles will then be donated to Tanza Elementary School to support another fundraising activity called Paskong Paslit.

Paskong Paslit is an activity of the school’s Boys Scouts dedicated to help 50 malnourished children and 30 children who have hydrocephalus.
Melissa Evangelista Manumbat, SK Chairperson
Barangay Tanza, Navotas City

We want to organize a fun run activity to raise funds for our barangay. We hope it will be implemented not only in our barangay but also in the entire city of Makati.
We believe that through the fun run, we can easily attract and encourage people who want to help us by being involved and having fun in this activity.

The funds that we will be able to raise will be allocated for a medical mission. We can hold a one- to three-day free consultation and provide medicines depending on the amount that we will be able to raise.

If there are more than enough funds, we will add to our budget for the yearly gift-giving that we are doing in the barangay.
Carlo Daulat, Barangay Kagawad
Barangay Valenzuela, Makati City



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