Northern Samar’s capital town, Catarman, is intensifying efforts to protect children through carefully crafted child-friendly policies and ordinances.

Up for approval in November, coinciding with the National Children’s Month celebration, is an ordinance enacting the Local Code for Children. The draft ordinance includes nine articles highlighting the rights of the children under existing laws.

Also provided for are the implementation of childhood care and development programs, provision of emergency relief to children, and the establishment of a children’s organization and a shelter for children who are in conflict with the law.

The draft ordinance incorporates existing child policies being implemented by the provincial government. It also spells out prohibited acts, while will have corresponding penalties.

Catarman has been noted for its children protection drive through the years. The town was a back-to-back (2017 & 2018) regional awardee for “Child-Friendly Local Governance,” conferred by the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

Photo from Catarman Police/PNA


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