Our barangay conducts mosquito fogging and misting in schools, public markets, etc. Recently,
we focused on checking and cleaning plant pots and other open containers with stagnant water where mosquitos may stay and reproduce. We also conduct regular cleanup drives in the creek between Ateneo Housing and Dela Costa Subdivision to prevent dengue cases in the area.
SK Chairman Jasper Albert Almocera
Barangay Barangka, Marikina City

In order to prevent the dengue epidemic from affecting our barangay, we have been conducting the following:
– Regular and intensified cleanup drives through the collaboration of our street sweepers, various departments of the barangay, NGOs, and the residents.
– Fumigation activities in collaboration with the city government in areas that are prone to infestation of mosquitoes.
– Ensuring that our health center is equipped with enough dengue testing kits for immediate detection.
– Raising awareness through our barangay health workers and our social media accounts.
– In the future, we intend to release more dengue awareness materials.
Kap. Thomas Raymond Lising
Barangay San Antonio Pasig City

Barangay Pansol has a low number of dengue casualties and we believe that it’s because we are strictly complying with the cleanup drive directive. DILG urged every barangay to conduct cleanup drives on creeks, estuaries, and rivers every Saturday. Aside from the cleanup drive, our barangay has also strictly implemented waste management programs since the rainy season started. We also conduct mosquito spraying to prevent dengue outbreak in our barangay.
Kap. Joseph Mahusay,
Barangay Pansol, Quezon City



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