MANILA, Philippines – Supreme Court Associate Justice Marvic Leonen is set to propose a pass-or-fail only system for the 2020 Philippine bar examinations.

Currently, the bar examinations system provides an individual grade for each passer. With the proposed system, examinees will only be informed that they have “passed” or “failed” the exam, without them knowing their specific score. By doing so, the system will also remove the celebration around “topnotchers” or those who have scored the highest passing scores.

“It is time that we rethink why we continue to reinforce the status quo and whether this is the role we wish to take within our current society, full of injustice, full of inequality, wanting social justice,” Leonen said in a speech during the Legal Education Summit headed by the Supreme Court at Manila Hotel.

“To make it possible, I think that the Court should now come to a process of rethinking the process of admission to the bar… First, that we introduce a simple pass or fail system,” Leonen added.

Aside from the “pass-or-fail” system, Leonen said that he will also propose the computerization of the bar exams in order for such to be held in various areas. With this, exam takers need not travel to Manila for the exams, which have been conducted every November at the University of Santo Tomas.

As the 2020 bar examinations chairman, Leonen also wishes the previous bar examination questions and their suggested answers to the uploaded to the official website of the Supreme Court. The database of the past 40 years’ worth of questions and answers will also be searchable in the Public Information Office website of the Supreme Court.

“These reforms have their own justification. I do not think this is the time that I will give my reasons. Suffice it to say that in any forum, I would be most willing to explain these justifications,” Leonen said. (HGBH/LMO)

Photo from Philippine News Agency


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