MANILA, Philippines – With an estimated Php 9 million spent annually on paper, House Deputy Majority Leader Crispin Remulla has proposed a new cost-saving rule that would make transactions paperless.

Involving digitalization of the legislative process, the proposal costs an estimated Php 6 million. Each of the 300 legislators will be provided an Android tablet, costing around Php 20,000 each.

The shift to a “paperless” Congress has earned praise and support from environmental organizations.

“We welcome the chamber’s planned switch to paperless transactions as this will surely cut the costs for procuring paper and for printing of voluminous legislative documents such as bills that do not necessarily become a law,” said Jovito Benosa, Zero Waste Campaigner for EcoWaste Coalition.

“This will reduce long-term resource use and associated costs and bring greater transparency to the lawmaking process,” he added.

“Ok, let’s go paperless. But when needed, only use paper for emergency and urgent communication,” said Esther Pacheco, President of Concerned Citizens Advocating Philippine Environmental Sustainability (COCAP).

The new proposed rules are set to be adopted by December 2019, after the 2020 National Budget has been passed. (HGBH/LMO)


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