We have closely coordinated with our stakeholders: Magallanes Village Association, Galleria de Magallanes Condominiums Association, St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish, Asia Pacific College, Shell Magallanes Management Corp, Paseo de Magallanes Residential Association, and Paseo Commercial Association which were badly affected by Typhoon Ondoy.

We transformed existing box culverts to a 6×6-meter waterway leading to Maricaban creek. We have installed several water pumps and gensets, a flood gauge to measure the volume of water, and CCTV cameras in flood-prone areas.

Yearly, we conduct trainings like water search and rescue orientation; flood incident, rescue and safety training; earthquake and landslide search and orientation course; basic life support; first aid; camp management; and basic incident command system to capacitate our barangay personnel to be capable of carrying out rescue operations.

The barangay is equipped with speedboats, life buoys, life vests, tents, generators, emergency lights, rescue ropes and a lot more. We also issued each stakeholder a handheld radio so we could communicate easily even during power outages.

We also constantly remind residents of the precautions and needed information through social media.

Mayor Abby Binay provided world-class rescue equipment like firetrucks, ladder trucks, connector boats, advanced life support ambulances, etc.

We are still continuing to improve our community by determining what is still needed and things that have to be updated and upgraded.

This we pledged to the constituents of Magallanes, that we wouldn’t stop until we are sure that everyone will be safe and sound at any time.

Armando P. Padilla, Brgy. Councilor

As the president of the Association of Barangay Councils (ABC), I implemented a waste management program. It encourages residents to segregate their garbage properly. It may be a small step but a great help in reducing waste that clogs the river. I hate seeing plastic waste that’s why whenever I see one on the street, I pick it up myself to serve as a good example to my people. This not only helps keep our barangay clean but also helps prevent flooding during the rainy season.

Joselito G. Capitulo, Brgy. Councilor

We always start by clearing drainage ditches because clogged ditches are the main cause of floods in the area. We regularly do this as a preparation for the rainy season. Aside from this, we seek help from the Mayor’s office to lay asphalt on cracked roads to prevent stagnant water buildup that may lead to the spread of dengue mosquitoes. Recently, the council held a meeting about barangay flood plans where we focused on flood-prone areas and allocated certain covered courts, schools, buildings and the like to serve as evacuation centers in case of floods. This is our action based on what we usually experience here in Iba, Tarlac every time the river overflows.

Darwin Leuterio Dela Cruz, Brgy. Councilor

Barangay safety measures and preparedness for the rainy season: 1. Declogging of drainage and canals to ensure the proper flow of floodwater; 2. Information dissemination on the following: a. Proper waste disposal to prevent the clogging of drainages, b. Reminders to stock up on candles, batteries, bottled water, first aid kits, and food and rain gears; and 3. In the event of a high risk calamity, the barangay will assist in evacuation.

Justin Leonard Lee, Brgy. Chairperson



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