Imagine getting your business application or product registration done in the comfort of your home or office—no need to brave the traffic and fall in long queues. “First world countries have been doing it, and it can definitely be done as well here in the Philippines,” says Carlito Macadangdang, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Cloud Panda, a company that offers IT solutions to businesses and government agencies. The company was established in October 2017 by Macadangdang and Jonathan So, who are also the minds behind JC Premiere Business International Inc. and JC Worldwide Franchise Inc. Cloud Panda specializes in creating websites, mobile applications, and software for various industries, and offers a cloud-based system, a means for storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of using a computer’s hard drive.

To their credit, Cloud Panda was the company that created the DU30 app for President Rodrigo Duterte to link Filipino communities worldwide—their way of giving service to the Filipino people. “The app can be downloaded via App Store or Google Play for free. It has a direct link to 911, 8888,” he says.

Macadangdang points out that in Singapore, it takes less than a week to register a product. A certification is also given after all the requirements have been fulfilled. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, it takes more time because of the traditional and manual processing.

First world countries have been [digitizing government transactions], and it can definitely be done as well here in the Philippines.

The IT exec is positive that Cloud Panda, despite being fairly new in the industry, can help private and government agencies expedite business transactions by creating a One-Process Solution.

Securing clearances from government agencies can also be done online. Macadangdang says this system works in first world countries through an honesty policy. “You submit a legal document by uploading it online. But if the agency finds out that the document you are submitting is fake, you will be held liable for it.”

Macadangdang believes that the honesty policy can work in the Philippine setting because businessmen would certainly want a smooth transaction and choose to avoid problems in conducting their businesses.

He adds that government and private sectors can greatly benefit from cloud computing via a One-Process Solution. In this system, everything happens online—submission and receipt of application, payment, and even the actual procurement of the certificate. “Of course, there is counter-checking. We put a QR code in it, so if ever a certain personnel from a government agency is checking, you go there, you scan the QR code, so you will know if it’s fake or not, if it’s issued by the system or not.”

Asked which Cloud Panda project could be applied in the private and government scenario, Macadangdang says that the company has created application systems like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), booking, and processing of permits online. “In the basic template that we are proposing, application, processing, and payment happens online,” he says.

They also have what they call Panda Books, a system that records all transactions of an enterprise or company—from receiving, to collections, to purchasing, to inventory, to checking, to cash release. It’s a software that Cloud Panda sells to private companies and is trying to propose to the government. Macadangdang sees this as a good opportunity to help both the private sector and the government improve and expedite their processes.

He adds that this is very much in line with the government’s Ease of Doing Business program—“doing things easily and more efficiently will result to a better economy as more people will want to do businesses here in the Philippines.”

Macadangdang says it is high time for LGUs to adopt new technologies—it’s one big step towards better service to the citizens and a better economy. IT companies like Cloud Panda can help the country achieve that. — BY AVI CANALE


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