Here in Brgy. 491, Zone 48 of Sampaloc, Manila where the Dangwa Flower Market (known as Bulaklakan ng Maynila) and St. Jude College & Hospital are considered landmarks, we have our three key steps in making ordinances.

First, the consultation of the problems encountered by our constituents in their vicinity. Second, addressing their issues through proposed solutions. These steps are made during the quarterly Barangay General Assembly. Third, the prioritization of which solutions to be adopted as an ordinance and its implementation done by the barangay officials during our twice-a-month meeting.

One of the ordinances made is the strict implementation of the 10 p.m. curfew, after which time drinking of alcoholic beverages and use of karaoke machines are prohibited. By implementing the ordinance, residents enjoy a peaceful rest during nighttime.

Another is the proper segregation of garbage and scheduling of collection. To implement, we posted announcements on the Barangay’s Bulletin Board, posted tarpaulins on every street and announce through social media, and did a text brigade.

These democratic and inclusive ways of crafting and implementing ordinances are working effectively within our community.
Joshua Apilado, SK Chairperson

As a newly elected kagawad of our barangay, I am planning to implement an ordinance mandating owners whose pet animals have been found to have urinated and defecated on another person’s property, on the streets, sidewalks, and other public places, to collect and properly dispose of the pet waste and providing penalties for violation. It is but proper for all pet owners to be respectful of another person’s place and property.

Another ordinance that has been implemented this January 2019 is requiring the owners, administrators, property managers, lessees, and concessionaires of commercial/business establishments to secure public legal liability insurance for the City Council review, since the year starts with renewal of business permits.
Maria Doreen D. Masiglat, Kagawad

Here in our barangay, we focus more on children and women. That is why we came up with children and women-friendly ordinances. As you can see, we are consisting of mostly women and children, even our officials. We have a designated desk for complaints and reports, so we can evaluate and act accordingly. We also aim to have a policy which is to put up designated smoking areas with the help of SK Chairperson Joy Angelique Bacor.
Arturo D. Tambis, Brgy. Captain

As youth citizens of our barangay, we abide by our city and barangay ordinances. One of the existing rules we have here is called “Pamuwisan,” which means everyone in the barangay will pay their own taxes.

As an elected SK official, I am tasked to serve as a role model to the youth. With this role, I lead all activities for the minors in our barangay. As I have stated during my campaign for SK chairman, I want to prove that gender does not define our capabilities.
Kace Abanilla, SK Chairperson



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